Gloria Panton-Harvey is the principal of Glenn Dale Montessori School (formerly Mitchellville Montessori School), a fully accredited private Montessori school that she founded and established in 1992.  Ms. Panton-Harvey employs a highly qualified, multicultural staff to provide her students and parents a unique combination of social awareness, academic preparation, and diverse professional experiences.

A native of Jamaica and the first person of African descent to own and operate a private Montessori school in the state of Maryland, Ms. Panton-Harvey's vision for Glenn Dale Montessori School is twofold:

  • The creation of a permanent academic facility capable of meeting the academic needs of her community's multicultural population.
  • Counteracting the continued socioeconomic segregation and discrimination that she has observed in Maryland's educational system across nearly six decades of academic instruction and administration. 

Ms. Panton-Harvey’s vision of leading a school based on racial, social, and economic equality took shape as she studied the Montessori method and began her role as a Montessori educator in Maryland.  Like Dr. Maria Montessori, Ms. Panton-Harvey believes wholeheartedly that quality education should be available to all people, regardless of their racial and socioeconomic status.  To this end, she remains committed to addressing the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, cultural, and spiritual needs of all of her students—to preparing them to excel as scholars and global citizens who understand that showing a lack of respect for others is dangerous for all parties involved.

A dedicated advocate for early childhood education who remains current on the latest research, trends, and developments in education in general—and Montessori education in particular—Ms.Panton-Harvey holds a bachelor of science degree in Home Economics Education with a concentration in Secondary Education from North Carolina A & T University, a master of science degree in Childhood Development and Special Education from Howard University, and an American Montessori Society preprimary diploma from the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies.  Additionally, she has completed other specialized educational workshops and training—including "Dealing with Aggressive Behavior in Children,"  a training delivered by the Metropolitan Mental Health Skills Center—and she routinely engages in professional development.