Welcome GDMS parents, and thank you so much for your dedication. Your continued support, volunteerism, and kindness make it possible for us to coordinate amazing educational and social engagements each academic year. 

Indeed, GDMS's very important work in support of young minds and the community would be impossible without you. Thank you for playing an integral role in creating a rewarding educational environment for all of our students.

Please consult the academic calendar for information on upcoming events.

How can I support GDMS?

Getting involved with the PTO is a great way for you to support the GDMS school community.  Please join us for regular monthly meetings at GDMS, where you can socialize with other parents, teachers, and our 2014-2015 Executive Board Members: Henry Searcy (President), Corey Daley (Vice President), Kandis Wyatt (Secretary), and Lauren Santiago (Treasurer).  

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a message at
  And, we encourage you to connect with us on Facebook

Where can I learn more about Montessori education?

Resource(s) on the Web:

         The American Montessori Society Website


Montessori Life Journal

Tomorrow's Child Journal


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